QSM Strengthens Business Ties in Iran

Tehran, Iran] Building upon the fruitful discussions that took place during the previous official visit to Iran with Minister Said Al Mawali, CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi of QSM Logistics and Port Management embarked on a follow-up mission to Iran. The visit, which occurred on August 27, 2023, was marked by a series of successful business meetings with Iranian companies and businessmen, culminating in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Adak Daryabar Parsian Kish.

Mr. AL Kindi’s visit to Iran aimed to advance the bilateral business cooperation between QSM and Iranian counterparts. The CEO engaged in extensive discussions with Iranian companies and entrepreneurs, exploring various avenues for collaboration in the logistics and port management sector.

A significant outcome of the visit was the signing of an MOU between QSM  and Adak Daryabar Parsian Kish. This MOU solidifies the commitment of both parties to explore and implement cooperative projects that will enhance the efficiency and capabilities of Shinas Port and contribute to the broader goals of logistics and maritime development in the region.

The MOU signing ceremony was conducted with great enthusiasm and in the presence of key representatives from both organizations. It marks a critical step in the realization of QSM’s vision to become a symbol of excellence in the logistics industry on both local and global stages.

Throughout the visit, CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi emphasized the importance of fostering strong relationships and identifying areas of mutual interest. The discussions were characterized by a spirit of collaboration and a shared commitment to growth and innovation in the logistics and port management sector.

Mr. AL Kindi expressed his optimism about the future of QSM’s operations in Iran, emphasizing the valuable contributions that Iranian partners can bring to the development of Shinas Port and the broader logistics network. This visit to Iran underscores QSM’s dedication to nurturing partnerships, embracing innovation, and exploring transformative technologies. It reinforces the company’s commitment to realizing its vision of excellence and becoming a driving force in the logistics and maritime industry

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