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QS Maritime L.L.C

About Company

Welcome to QS Maritime, your trusted partner in managing and developing ports in the Sultanate of Oman

We are an established Omani company dedicated to transforming and optimizing port operations to meet the evolving needs of global trade and commerce. Our journey began with the prestigious Shinas Port, and we are committed to expanding our portfolio to encompass other strategic ports in Oman.

At QS Maritime, we understand the pivotal role that ports play in driving economic growth and facilitating international trade. We are passionate about leveraging our expertise, innovation, and local insights to create world-class port facilities that empower businesses and foster sustainable development in Oman.


To be the leading port management and development company in Oman, driving economic prosperity, and ensuring operational excellence


We are on a mission to enhance Oman’s port infrastructure, enable seamless connectivity, and provide exceptional services to our customers. We aim to build a network of efficient and technologically advanced ports that serve as gateways to global markets, attracting investments, promoting trade, and bolstering Oman’s economic diversification efforts

Our Core Values

As a comprehensive port management and development company, we offer a range of services and expertise, including



We embrace a culture of constant innovation, seeking new and creative solutions to challenges, and driving progress in our industries


We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with each other and with our clients, partners, and communities to achieve shared success.


 We are flexible and adaptable, yet we embrace challenges with resilience, able to evolve in a rapidly changing world and seize opportunities as they arise


 We listen, We care, We serve and we Trust. We recognize our differences and we value choice, culture and diversity.


 We empower our employees, partners, and local talent, fostering growth, learning, and opportunities for personal and professional development