QSM Strengthens Strategic Partnership with SS-Maritime during Visit to Mangalore, India

[Mangalore, India] A significant step forward in the partnership between QSM and SS-Maritime marked CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi’s business visit to Mangalore, India, on August 18, 2023. The visit aimed to deepen the technical partnership between the two entities and explore new opportunities in the maritime sector and to plan Shinas port project.

The visit began with CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi’s arrival in Mangalore, a coastal city known for its vibrant maritime activities and strategic location. During his stay, Mr. AL Kindi took the opportunity to visit the Mangalore New Port, a modern and efficient hub for international trade.

The highlight of the visit was the pivotal meeting with SS-Maritime, QSM’s trusted technical partner in the management and development of Shinas Port. Both parties engaged in extensive discussions to further enhance their collaboration in optimizing port operations, technology integration, and expertise sharing.

In a landmark moment, a Joint Venture (JV) agreement was signed between QSM and SS-Maritime. This agreement solidifies their commitment to working together to drive innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the maritime and logistics industry. It paves the way for collaborative projects that will transform Shinas Port into a leading logistics and maritime hub.

During the visit, CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi had the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities at Mangalore New Port. Impressed by the port’s infrastructure and operational capabilities, Mr. AL Kindi expressed his aspiration for Shinas Port development plan.

The visit to Mangalore underscores QSM’s commitment to nurturing partnerships, fostering innovation, and embracing transformative technologies. CEO Abdulbaqi AL Kindi’s trip to India symbolizes the company’s dedication to realizing its vision of becoming a symbol of excellence on both local and global stages.

The strengthened partnership with SS-Maritime reflects QSM’s determination to continuously enhance its capabilities, providing unparalleled service in the logistics and maritime sectors. As Shinas Port continues its journey toward excellence, this visit marks a significant milestone in its transformation into a key player in the region’s logistics and maritime landscape.

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